Improving community Health and livelihoods in Uganda


Kitala Trading Center, Opposite Hozanna Supermarket Walligo Road, Kampala(U)

Our Point on Urban and rural Livelihoods programme

The way of life of the people in the urban areas caught our eye and this exposed the need to train slum youth with employable skills in entrepreneurship and support them in business training which reduces the rate of unemployment and expose them to the corporate world.

We recognize that in order to succeed we must first ensure that people leaving in poverty in a human rights perspective can meet their basic needs and that their livelihoods are secure from environment shocks. In doing this, our interventions focus on fixing on the long-term progress and well-being of our target rights holders.

To achieve this, our actions and programs focus on  improving livelihoods and fostering resilience to climate change, conflict prevention and peace building, emergencies response and livelihood recovery. We further commit to promoting land rights and access to markets  for the small holder farmers. We work and resolve issues around rural & urban poverty and youth unemployment through investing directly in future generations through integration of development approaches that give youth, small holder farmers a voice to provide leadership and entrepreneurship opportunities, and prepare them to seize those opportunities.

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