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What We do

We are Committed to Community Services

Water Sanitation and Hygiene

TThe SSPP is committed and dedicated to improving the overall right to access of clean water and sanitation services. We are achieving this through popularizing knowledge and simple hygiene hacks within the community while extending key findings to relevant offices for attention and government intervention. Our WASH programs are designed and tailored to specific community needs through VHT (Village Health Teams) and SSPP joint dialogues, strategic partnerships and sustained programs. While this is happening, the SSPP is learning from the community and later proper tools are designed for SSPP to sensitize and teach the community on better options. With WASH in households, the SSPP implements what it has called the critical 10 element strategy that has 10 critical things that a household must have or do to be WASH sensitive. This strategy encompasses promotion of key technologies and strategic partnerships to implement projects that make better WASH living conditions even more popular and personal for beneficiaries.

Most popular communication channels
Radio shows and adverts on local slum radio stations
Slum Water Sanitisation Days (Days that are dedicated to WASH in slums)
Door to door (10 point strategy) for Solvatten recipient households
Communication through drama and skits
Debates and seminars for schools

The program has also extended its WASH methods to rural areas in Uganda and using the same strategies tailored to the realities of the rural environment.

Sexual Reproductive Health

Inspired by the need to change the narrative of young girls and menstrual health during the lockdowns of COVID 19, the SSPP and IKARE partnerships in the slum households of Bwaise decided to contribute to the efforts in sexual reproductive health in the country.

The experiences from previous efforts in the field and strong linkage to WASH through menstrual health, the SSPP focused on pilots that identified key entrepreneurs in making reusable menstrual pads to solve the accessibility issues within the slum but also spread key knowledge and awareness on the management of menstruation and inclusiveness of the males in the menstrual health and hygiene awareness. While using the same communication channels, the SSPP works with the community to spread awareness and good practices that safeguard at risk populations.

The SRH project, together with the entrepreneurs is testing different menstrual products such as reusable panties that would be able to aid continuity and focus of the girl child in school. The project periodically holds sensitization sessions and health camps as recommended and guided by the school senior women, partner doctors and community leaders in the health sector.






Research Hub and Data Center Africa

Because the SSPP keeps growing on the fundamentals of exchange of data to and from the community, the organization decided to have a full department that supports the entire data management system and dissemination process.

In 2023, a decision to merge the RHDCA into a research department at the Students Support and Philanthropy Program was made to enable best performance but also streamline activities at the SSPP. The SSPP now through its RHDCA office supports students, organizations and companies with research needs and trainings in a bid to enable access to accurate information and support communities with valuable information sharing and problem discovery.

Services offered under this

Primarily coordinate and manage the collection of baseline, monitoring and evaluation data for the SSPP across all projects Coordinate and manage all data for partners of the SSPP with utmost professionalism Advise SSPP, clients and partners on best models and standard operating procedures to protect and improve quality of data for use and preservation. The RHDCA supports the SSPP in the dissemination of data to its partners, beneficiaries and clients.






Climate Change

As a result of the promotion of different technologies like the Solvatten and practices like reuse and recycling of material as households achieve the c 10 elements in the community, the SSPP has realized it promotes and supports climate change mitigation measures within these very communities. Climate change mitigation is now a key factor for the SSPP as it promotes the adaptation and behavior change in these communities. Key in the climate change journey is the Solvatten which offers for clean safe water access at household level but also reduces dependence on charcoal to cook water which in turn reduces air pollution and related diseases due to contamination of air and skin. The adoption of plastic in the making of some of the see 10 elements reduces waste in the community.


The SSPP continues to commit to increasing household income through support with entrepreneurial activities considered as low hanging fruits for the household. Cognizant of the fact that many households have youth in them, and for the rural households a lot of engagement in Agriculture, young people are often reminded to take part and support the whole Agricultural value chain. While in the slums, key livelihood ventures are recommended that fit right into the efforts of the 3 project themes.




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