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Where we work

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Slums of Bwaise and Kikoni

All urban Pilots have been done in Kampala slums of Bwaise and Kikoni Rural pilots began in Busoga with livelihood efforts, and later the joint WASH activities with IKARE, SSPP and 3V Vets partnerships expanded to Dokolo, Kaberamaido and Kalaki. With student members around Uganda, replication of activities on a small scale has been achieved. These districts are shown on the map downloadable above The Research unit has also supported other entities with data management and research needs in districts marked in the map.

Attachment file; SSPP in Uganda
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Results and Data

As of 2023, data summary 373 Impacted households with the critical 10 elements 144 new enrolled households under the Solvatten campaign in 2023 bringing the total number of Solvatten recepients in Bwaise to 340 recepeints of Solvatten units in Bwaise 10,000 slum dwellers reached and engaged over radio shows 2,312 students reached within schools under the SRH campaign 42% reduction of UTIs within the slum students 95% of beneficiaries in Dokolo, Kalaki and Kaberamaido now treating water for consumption More details refer to reports (downloadable) 122 households directly impacted in Kalaki, Kaberamaido and Dokolo Districts 10 replaced units as of 2023

As of 2023, data summary
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Data Resources and Reports

Most recent project report (2020 to 2023)
Our Data management Plan
Most recent FY Report ( Audit 2023)